Youth Award Winners for 2014 – Swimmer Dylan Carter and Chess Player Javanna Smith


Dr. Keith Clifford addressing the audience at the Youth Awards 2014.

This award is bestowed upon the outstanding male and female youth athletes (under the age of 19) who have, in the opinion of the Sports Foundation, been the most outstanding performers on the local, regional, continental and international stages, and who have also demonstrated the endearing character and personality befitting the accolades associated with the award.

Successful athletes in this category must:

  • be nationals of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • have established outstanding benchmarks or records at either regional, continental,  international and/or world competitions;
  • have produced performances at National Competitions that  stood out among other national athletes;
  • have produced results that are easily verifiable;
  • have maintained an unblemished character; and
  • have attained these achievements between January and December of the year
    under review.