What is it?

Sport for All is a movement which defines a systematic and collective campaign to maintain, change or improve societies through voluntary participation of citizens in sports and physical activity programmes. This concept encompasses the entire population, including children, youth, adult, seniors and the differently-able.

Sport for All is therefore essentially a movement designed to promote sport and physical activity opportunities through the following strategies:

  1. Adopting traditional and modern values of Sport and Physical Activity, based on an ethical foundation for human life and dignity;
  2. Dedicating one’s efforts and resources to establishing a countrywide healthy society;
  3. Constructing a community of unity, friendship, peace and well-being for all people; and
  4. Making sport and physical activity accessible to all, so that it becomes an essential element of people’s daily lives.

To maximize the application of these strategies, it is necessary to identify the significant stakeholders in the Sport for All process and strengthen collaborative ties with and among them. This initiative is extremely important in facilitating and enhancing the efforts of all, and ultimately in maximizing the level of success in the development of a comprehensive and all-encompassing Sport for All Programme.

First Citizens and the Sport for All Movement

First Citizens Sports Foundation recognised the significant role that sport and physical activity could play in creating greater opportunities for people in Trinidad & Tobago to enjoy better health and a higher level of physical fitness. Towards this end, the organization has organized a number of activities targeted at a wide cross section of the population. It has also embarked on a process to determine the best strategy to address the subject. This process includes the following:

  1. Conduct of research to determine the services and capabilities of various government ministries and the role that they could play in the development of a Sport for All programme;
  2. Facilitation of a Sport for All developmental workshop to obtain the pertinent input from a range of relevant stakeholders.
  3. The development of Strategic and Action Plans for the Foundation’s Sport for All programme.



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