The term ‘Sports, Physical Activity and Development’ refers to the use of Sport and Physical Activity as a tool for promoting and facilitating development and peace initiatives. In addition to Government agencies, non-governmental organisations and international organisations such as the UN, actors in the Sports, Health, Education, Community Development, Social Services and Media sectors are becoming increasingly interested in the potential of employing Sports and Physical Activities as a tool to facilitate the attainment of personal, community, national and international development objectives. Also of interest to them is how Sports and Physical Activities may be utilised as a means for addressing some of the challenges that arise from humanitarian crises, and in-conflict and post-conflict settings.

As Sport and Physical Activity become increasingly part of humanitarian and development work, as well as a part of the corporate social responsibility practices of an increasing number of private sector actors, interested parties are anxious to explore the potential, as well as determine, what if any, limitations may exist in these programmes.

The First Citizens Bank is fortunate to be among those corporations that clearly recognize the crucial role that Sport and Physical Activity is capable of playing in the advancement towards the attainment of a nation’s national development objectives. It has therefore committed itself to the promotion and advancement of this strategy by embarking on a programme geared towards the enhancement and development of Sports and Physical Activity in the nation. This programme encompasses a significant range of activities and target groups. They include:

  • Improving the coaching, training, and organizational skills of persons involved in the development of sport in the nation, through workshops, seminars, and practical exercises;
  • Partnering with UWI and other tertiary education providers in staging conferences and workshops that focus on results of relevant research on sporting and affiliated projects;
  • Enhancing the health, well-being and cohesion building of the full spectra of the nation’s population, by facilitating broad participation in sporting and physical activities;
  • Providing some level of technical and financial assistance to community organizations involved in the promotion and development of sports and physical activity in the nation; and
  • Helping to facilitate the participation of select individuals and/or teams in recognized local and international sports events.

In the area of training and education, the primary subjects include leadership, organizational, conflict resolution, life transformation, and personal development skills, while the primary target groups include sport officers, sport organizations, and community groups working with improving the character and sporting skills of the nation’s youths.

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