Our national athletes, coaches, administrators and sporting organizations have contributed immensely to motivating the youth of our nation, to developing the self-esteem and pride of our citizenry, and to marketing the culture and resources of our country. Still further, they have by their disciplined character, immeasurable sacrifices and outstanding performances on both the local and international stages, contributed significantly to retarding the negative trends in our society and to stamping a positive mage of our country on the global map.

In contemplation and appreciation of the stellar contributions of our sporting fraternity and the significant role that it has played and continues to play in the progress and development of the nation, the First Citizens Sports Foundation in our humble way finds it most appropriate to express our appreciation of their achievements through the establishment of our Sports Awards Programme. We trust that it would play an important role in motivating our current and future athletic fraternity to still greater achievements, and to instilling in the character of our youth the significance of a good character, dedication, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.

The Sports Awards Programme bestows upon the nation’s outstanding athletes, coaches, administrators, associations and youth a variety of awards, namely:

  1. The Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year;
  2. The Male and Female Youth of the Year;
  3. The Jeffrey Stollmeyer Award;
  4. The Lystra Lewis Award; and
  5. The Youth Sportsmanship Award.