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Leslie Rawlins

Full Name: Leslie Rawlins
Born: June 28, 1954 (age 64 years)
Birthplace: Siparia, Trinidad
Height / Weight: 5’ 6’’ (168cm) / 159 LBS (72 KG)
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Career Highlights


  • 3rd , Match Sprint, Final, 11.05 sec, Central American and Caribbean Games, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, June 24-July 5.


  • DNP, Kilo time trials, 1:11.02sec, Match Sprint, 11.05 sec, 10 mile Race, Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, Canada, August 3-12.


  • 18th , Match Sprint, 3rd, round 1, 11.02 min, Summer Olympics, Montreal ,Canada, July 17- August 01
  • 1st, Match Sprint, final, 11.05 sec, Pan American Cycling Championships, Caracas, Venezuela, April


  • 3rd, Kilo Time Trial, final, 1:09.sec, Pan American Cycling Championships, Cali, Colombia, July
  • 2nd, Match Sprint, Finals,11.03sec, Central American and Caribbean Games, Dominican Republic, April

Interesting Facts

  •  Voted ‘Most Courageous Athlete’ at The Skinner Park Games
  • Holds the Record for the 1- mile lap at Skinner Park.
  • Brother of the well-known Calypsonian,  The Mighty CRO CRO
  • Officiates Cycling Events at the T&T Southern Games.


  •  Gold Medallist at the Match Sprint in the Pan American Games in the Match Sprint, 1976
  • Silver Medallist at the Match Sprint in the Central American and Caribbean Games in the Match Sprint, 1976
  • Bronze Medallist at the 1986 Central American and Caribbean games in the Match Sprint, 1986
  • Bronze Medallist at the 1974 Pan American Games in the Kilo time trial, 1974


Leslie Rawlins was born on 28th June 1954 in a small village called Buenos Ayres in Siparia, South Trinidad, a village credited with a great sense of pride and enduring values where the people are humble, honest and hard-working. The younger of two sons, his older brother is widely known as Winston Rawlins, the Calypsonian with the sobriquet, “Mighty CRO CRO”.  Leslie Rawlins acquired his primary education at the Buenos Ayres Government Primary School after which he pursued his secondary education at the Buenos Ayres Secondary School followed by the Point Fortin Intermediate RC School.

At 2:30 pm each and every day after school, Leslie Rawlins would cycle from his home in Siparia to Point Fortin and Palo Seco and back. One afternoon while riding to Palo Seco, an athletics coach noticed the youngster and enquired whether he would be interested in joining his Cycling Club. At the time, young Rawlins was not even sure what he wanted to do with his life, but the Coach persisted, eventually approaching his parents with the proposal. However, Leslie’s father was not keen on his younger son becoming an athlete – instead he preferred that he follow in his brother’s footsteps and complete his GCE Examinations at the Secondary school.

With time, however, his father, sensing his son’s unflagging enthusiasm for cycling, eventually relented and allowed Rawlins to join the Cycling club and begin competing.  His first race was at a cycling event in Palo Seco. Leslie competed in the Junior Category, where he took part in seven races and convincingly won all seven of them. In fact, in one of the races, he out-lapped all the other riders and went and sat down in the stands while the other competitors continued to race.

In 1974 at the Pan American Games he performed exceptionally well and placed 3rd in a time of 1.09sec competing against far older and more experienced cyclists in the Kilo time trial in Colombia. In 1976 he won Gold in a time 11.05sec in the Match sprint at the Pan American cycling championships in Venezuela. He would follow that with a silver medal in the Match Sprint, clocking an enviable time of 11.03sec at the Central American and Caribbean Games, Dominican Republic. This was an Olympic year and Rawlins was selected to represent Trinidad & Tobago at the Summer Olympics in Montreal, Canada.   He gave it his all, in the midst of formidable competition, and made his country proud with an18th overall ranking in the Match Sprint and 3rd in round 1 with a time of 11.02sec.

Ten years later, in 1986, at the age of 32, Rawlins won a bronze medal in the Match Sprint in a time of 11.05 sec at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, demonstrating his fitness level, discipline and passion for the Sport he started training for on his own, so many years ago.

Throughout his career, Leslie Rawlins competed wholeheartedly, won several national titles and received various other types of recognition such as being named the ‘Most Courageous Cyclist’ at the Skinner Park, San Fernando Games.   Leslie also holds the national record in the Skinner Park 1 – lap race. Rawlins has now retired from competitive cycling and is currently a small business owner of a cleaning company and resides in Couva, Central Trinidad, with his wife.  He still owns and cherishes all of his cycling equipment and gear, enduring symbols of a very special and important part of his life.


  • Buenos Ayres Government Primary School
  • Buenos Ayres Secondary School
  • Point Fortin Intermediate R.C. School


Sport Clubs / Teams

Timex Cycling Club; Warriors Cycling Club





City Sport Event Team NOC


1976 Summer


Montréal Cycling Men’s Sprint Trinidad and Tobago TTO

AC h3 r2/8


Men’s Sprint


Games  Age City Sport Country Phase Unit   Rank
1976 Summer   22 Montréal Cycling Trinidad and Tobago Round One Repêchage Heat Three   AC DQ
1976 Summer   22 Montréal Cycling Trinidad and Tobago Round One Heat Four     2




Cycling Event





Men’s Individual Road race, Pan American games




Road race , Commonwealth games



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