Euric Allan Bobb

Full Name: Euric Allan Bobb
Born: October 31, 1943 (age 75 years)
Birthplace: Forest Reserve, South Trinidad
Sport: , , , , , , , , ,
Specialty: 4x400m
Olympics: 1968

Career Highlights

• 6th, 4x400m final (3:04.5s), with Benedict Cayenne, Edwin Roberts and George Simon, Olympic Games, Mexico City, Mexico, October 20.


• Awarded the Trinidad & Tobago Chaconia Medal (Gold) for outstanding public service in 1994.

Interesting Facts

• Graduated from the University of Cambridge in England with Economics Degree and Doctorate.
• Was the Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago


Euric Allen Bobb was born on October 31, 1943 in Trinidad. Economics was his career forte, more than his involvement in competitive athletics. As an active athlete Bobb specialized in the 400 metres. He did not qualify to compete individually at the distance in the one Olympic Games he attended but he was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago 4x400m relay team for the XIX Olympiad in Mexico in 1968. The team comprising as well Benedict Cayenne, Edwin Roberts and George Simon finished sixth in the relay final in a time of 3:04.54.
After retiring from athletics Bobb focused on his educational growth and attended the University of Cambridge in England from which he graduated with an Economics Degree and Doctorate.
In 1969 Dr. Bobb joined the World Bank as an economist and later served as Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago from October 1984 to February 1988.
Then in 1988 he joined the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington where he served in various capacities including Chief of Staff to the President.
Dr. Bobb was awarded the Chaconia Medal (gold), the second highest honour for service to Trinidad and Tobago in 1994. He had positions such as the Deputy Chairman of The Belize Bank Limited, Director of BCBH, Presidency at Inter-American Development Bank, Economist at the World Bank, the Chairman of C L Financial Limited, Chairman of Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited, Director of BCB Holdings Limited, Director of Business Insight Limited and Director at Lascelles De Mercado & Co. Ltd.


  • Presentation College, San Fernando, Trinidad
  • Cambridge University, England


20/10/1968 Olympic Games Ciudad de México (MEX) 6th 4x400m 3:04.54