The Sports Foundation is extremely appreciative of the assistance and support of our affiliate partner organizations and recognize the important role they play in facilitating and promoting the attainment of the Foundation’s Mission and Vision. We view the forging of these partnerships as a major step towards attaining more ready access by the public to information on our Hall of Fame inductees and other sporting stars, and commend our partners on the support they have provided.

Partnering with the Hasely Crawford Stadium

The first partnership forged was with the Hasely Crawford Stadium, which was named after our first Olympic Games Gold Medalist and one of our most prestigious Hall of Fame inductees.

This stadium has been Trinidad and Tobago’s premier stadium and Mecca of sporting activities since its completion. The Stadium has been collaborating with the Sports Foundation from the inception of its Hall of Fame programme, and by so doing has contributed significantly to keeping the history and memories of our sporting heroes alive and fresh in the public domain.

On entering the stadium’s main entrance, patrons are greeted with an impressive plethora of photos of our Hall of Fame heroes, and information on the inductees’ background and performances are readily available for viewing and research. This display and research material serve as a lasting tribute to our nation’s many successes in the Sports Arena.  Plans are currently being developed to enhance the viewing and information provided to the public.

See images of The Hasley Crawford Stadium.

Partnering with NALIS

Despite the Foundation’s outstanding efforts and achievements to date, a significant section of the citizenry (both young and old) of Trinidad and Tobago still remains insufficiently aware of the background and accomplishments of our sporting heroes, thereby limiting the ability of the First Citizens Sports Foundation to fully realize its objectives of instilling a feeling of national pride in the wider community and motivating our youth to reach for great heights in achievement. As a consequence, the Foundation identified a critical need to broaden the reach and scope of its Hall of Fame initiative, so that it would reach and impact a significantly larger cross section of the population, particularly the nation’s youth.

It is on this basis that the Sports Foundation pursued and developed a partnership with NALIS, an organization that has the unique capability of reaching a large cross-section of our citizenry, both youth and adult; and one that shares the Foundation’s philosophy regarding the need to further enlighten and motivate our nation’s youth to greater achievement.

The initiative is intended to facilitate more ready access by the general public to all records and information on our Hall of Fame inductees. This enablement project will incorporate the provision of a dedicated area for visitors wishing to research information on Hall of Fame inductees; the staging of periodic Hall of Fame Public Exhibitions, Presentations and Workshops at NALIS library facilities throughout Trinidad and Tobago; and the periodic displays of photos and paraphernalia of Hall of Fame inductees in prominent locations within the NALIS library setting.

The impacts/outcomes of the project are expected to be as follows:

  • Significantly increased public knowledge of the Hall of Fame inductees’ achievements and background, particularly among the youth population,
  • An enhanced feeling of national pride in and respect for the accomplishments and character of our Hall of Fame inductees, among the general population,
  • Enhanced motivation of our youth to reach for great heights in achievement, and
  • Greater participation in sporting activities by the nation’s population.

Roll out of the F.C.B. Sports Hall of Fame Exhibition.


Pt. Fortin Library 8th March, 2017.
San Fernando (Carnegie) 5th April, 2017.
Rio Claro Library 3rd May, 2017.
Couva Library 7th June, 2017.
Arima Library 5th July, 2017.
Port of Spain Library 24th July, 2017.

Visit the NALIS website here.

Gallery –  FCSF and NALIS MOU Signing 2017.