As a runner, you’re probably familiar with setting goals for yourself. Whether that’s beating your PR in the next half marathon you run, improving your distance in your training runs, or refining your technique, setting goals is part of the routine.

The New Year is time where many of us set resolutions, but unfortunately, we don’t often stick with them. This New Year though, can be the time where you shift your thinking about goals and resolutions. Once you have a clear understanding of some key goal setting principles (and how to apply them), you give yourself a much better chance of accomplishing what you want to.

Check out these 7 Tips to Reach Your Goals this Year:

Reflect. The end of the year is a natural time for reflection, but start your goal setting this way any time of year. Take the time to think about (and write down if you’d like) both what you accomplished this year, and areas you might like to improve. You can do this specific to your running, but also other areas, such as work or your personal life. Don’t censor yourself, and don’t forget the positives. Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves and only look at where we want to improve.

Celebrate. Take a harder look at those improvements and accomplishments. Maybe you PR’d, or ended up in the top 3 of your age division. Perhaps you ran your first 10K after doing 5Ks for a while. This might have been the year your fitness improved, which you know because you’ve shaved 30 seconds off your mile time. Congratulate yourself for what you’ve accomplished!

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